Saturday, December 25, 2010

IBCLC Study Budget

My next suggestion is to map out a schedule.  List all the disciplines you are going to be tested on and decide which ones you need to study the most.  I equate this to a budget.  You get one pay check (amount of time) and you have to make it cover all the bills and some luxuries.

How much time do you allot for each topic?  How do you "budget" your time?  How do you decide what disciplines deserve the bulk of your time and attention?  Try this:  list the topics in order of your area of least experience (or what you feel least qualified or prepared for) to greatest experience (or your most comfortable areas), that way if you fall behind, you will at least spend time studying the topics you need the most review on.

Like a budget, mortgage, groceries, etc.  come first, near the end are the luxuries (pedicure, Starbucks, etc.) That way, you may not get a double-latte, but your home will not get foreclosed on...

Take care of the big things and the small things will take care of themselves.

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