Thursday, March 22, 2012

Facebook Censored Me

I put a lot of eggs in one basket--the Facebook basket.  I liked the simplistic style of the site and the freedom to create my "own" page and network with like-minded people.  I knew together we could change the world.  The momentum was building.  I had connected with over 3,500 friends and my Birthing, Bonding & Breastfeeding Page was reaching an excess of 700,000 people regularly.  We were pushing the pendulum of infant feeding into the direction of breastmilk and I was riding the wave.  Well, yesterday it was too much for "Big Brother."  My account was disabled, my pages removed, my events canceled, and my friends left wondering how I had vaporized overnight.  I may be hidden for now, but no worries, I am like the tempest under the sea. It may look as though the waters are still, but beneath the surface I am still churning with ideas and possibilities.  I will ride this wave again.  I am working on a blog from my website right now and hope to have it up soon...I was simplistic to think that Facebook was actually allowing me to create my "own" page.  I do appreciate the social networking opportunity and have requested my page be reinstated.

Here is my plea and reply to Facebook: I am assuming my account was disabled due to breastfeeding photos. I have not received a warning and I did not believe they were in violation, since the "nipple" was not showing. On my stats report 98% of my audience is women, with the exception of a few professionals in the pediatric and OB world, and these photos were not intended to violate a policy, but encourage a community to provide healthy, nutritious food. Please be specific as to what you do not want me to post. I did have someone say FB would probably take the photo down, but I did not think it was policy to remove an account. I need access so I can cancel my Facebook ads for the courses I am advertising and collect my emails. If you decide to close my account, it would be more professional to allow me to explain to my fan base another method to reach me. Please advise and please be specific as to what you do and do not allow. I know this has been a controversial topic for Facebook and I have seen the media coverage. I am not posting pornography-- and to insinuate as much is very offensive to me. I would be happy to share more about my stand on lactation if you would like to explore this topic. Thank you for your understanding. Christy Jo, IBCLC, CD(DONA). Also, as you may notice I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Certified Birth Doula, so my page will reflect these two professions. I am NOT a person posting images to an audience that does not appreciate the mother/child bond.

The photo that caused the world to stop and for me to be banned is posted here...and this one will not be removed because the author and contributor fully supports this photo.

 My caption read something to the effect that although yesterday was the first day of spring, I captured the best spring photo of the year at the Pass Area Breastfeeding Cafe...

Stay tuned. I will keep you all informed.  Nothing would please the formula companies more than to "divide and conquer"...

In the meantime, I can still be reached at, and from my website

I feel like every mother who has been told to cover up, hide or leave while breastfeeding--this has to stop!